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Sundar सुंदर 是印度語;美麗的意思。



Sundar सुंदर means beautiful in Hindi.

This adjective is more like a lifestyle for me; a confidant that you accept who you are, an attitude that you take care of yourself very well, and an action that you keep challenging and discovering yourself. I believe when you have a sense of beauty in mind, the world you perceive by your eyes will turn to be beautiful.

I share ideas about food and herbs, travel, self-learning, and body and mental cares.

About a part of Yc 關於一點 Yc




Hello, I am Yc, can not live without yoga and learning.

In college, I learned Japanese and industrial engineering; however, the two subjects look very different from each other. After working in the manufacturing industry for almost five years, I went to Europe to study. I have learned a bit of design, innovation, and business. I also met my best friend who is an Indian that makes me fall in love with this miserable and colorful country.

There is always a bee in my bonnet. My brother and sister still laugh at me that I worry something nonsense. I try to live life with no regrets every day. Hope to share ideas on this site and learn from people. Thank you.


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